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Omaha Beach

Why 'Omaha' Beach?

The landing beach name 'Omaha' that brings instant recognition when you visit Normandy - could have easily been any other city. But, we are glad it's Omaha.

The names of both Omaha and Utah were supposed suggested by Omar Bradley, as two privates fitting out his London headquarters were from Omaha, Nebraska (Gayle Eyler) and Provo, Utah.

Omaha Beach (1 of the 5 landing beaches) was the bloodiest landing site/battle with the highest percentage of casualties (2,400 soldiers). Many casualties as they exited their boats.

The site is visited by thousands of visitors annually that are still awed by the feat These heroes accomplished in June 1944.

A must see visit for everyone.

Road Marker for Omaha Beach.

Omaha Beach today, at High Tide.

A Soldier's View June 6, 1944.

The battery at Longues-sur-Mer battery (Batterie de Longues-sur-Mer) would fire 150 mm casings up to 12 miles, barraging the arriving troops at Omaha and Gold Beaches. The guns were destroyed by US Troops on June 7, after the landings.

1 of 4 battery bunkers in the foreground, others in the background, pointed to Omaha Beach.

The beach landing operation names.

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