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The Yard Decorations

Why visit Normandy in June?

Around D DAY ceremonies, Normandy, at the northern coast of France, becomes a pilgrimage. A smaller version of what Sturgess motorcycle rallies must feel like.

A significant number of jeeps, military vehicles, and what look to be 1944 soldiers and citizens in dress, come to Normandy to help celebrate the heroes.

Many of the vehicles were left behind at the war's exit. Today, these vehicles are a premium to anyone lucky enough to own and operate them.

There are also many Active 82nd and 101st Airborne troops that help celebrate and remember their division heroes that came before then.

It's beautiful to watch. It feels like you are in 1944. It makes it real.

Enjoy the photos/videos.

A surprise visitor! From 2019🇺🇸👍🏻

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