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202 km/hr (125.5 mph) - The AutoBahn

A feature that comes to mind when you think Germany is The AutoBahn. Plus well engineered vehicles to driving speedily on it.

The AutoBahn is definitely a thing.

202 km/hour equates to 125.5 mph - but interestingly it actually felt smooth and comfortable. After a brief break in period, it starts to feel ‘normal’.

Ar 125.5 mph, there were still plenty of well engineered vehicles passing us. Yes, no speed limits on the AutoBahn.

Unlike in the Midwest of the States, we didn’t see many carcasses or blood stains from animal 🦌 incidents in the road. Surprisingly.

The AutoBahn definitely allows you to travel through the country quicker than what we can in the States. It is just part of the culture.

Translated, ‘potholes’. Hmmmmm……’s not just Nebraska That has potholes?

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