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‘Alf’ Alfread T.

Alf is one of the most positively intriguing men you can meet in a lifetime.

Alf is a true gentleman, with English manners. Alf is an extremely intelligent man, with significant specialty gained from his career years in airline and components manufacturing. Alf is 85 years young.

Alf is an achieved organist.

Alf is a local Lincolnshire Historian simply by life, self learning and significant reading.

Alf has been a key reason we have been able to learn more about our Anderson Ancestry.

We greatly appreciated his kindness in touring us through Toynton Saint Peter and Toynton All Saints. Alf is the volunteer Church Warden. We appreciated the coffee and tea time at Alf and wife Margaret's residence.

Traveling is usually better appreciated by the journey, versus the destination. I have learned over my years it is the people and cultural immersion on the journey that brings greater reward and learning than simply observing a tourist destination.

I challenge you when traveling, especially internationally, as we are today in England, to immerse yourself into the local culture.

Today we lift up Alf and Margaret of Toynton to many more years of life and impact on others.

We thank Alf for his commitment to our historic villages of Toynton, Lincolnshire, England including his commitment to the church properties and a grand spirit to keep the village churches, and history, alive.

Cheers Alfread our family friend! Thanks for the help!

The Anderson's

Alf, The Organist

Family Visit @ Tunnicliffe Residence

Gabe, Ray and Nick with our newly adopted cousin Alf 😁

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