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Bucket List Item - Check ✅

We always challenge our family to ‘make memories’. Today will remain a great memory.

The Zugspitze is an example of excellent German engineering. Each of the 2 cars move on opposite cable strands, counterbalancing each other, at over 22 mph up and down the mountain. These are the world’s longest strands of stretched cable without post supports.

14,656 ft long (2.77 miles)

9,718 ft elevation 22 mph

Opened 2017

Unlike a ski lift we would experience in the States, this gondola only has 1 post part way up the mountain. Otherwise, it’s just a long wire cable. Stretched. NOTE: it hasn’t broke yet.

You start with high anticipation, and the ride certainly doesn’t disappoint!

The view stations at the top straddle both Germany and Austria. The view, higher then many clouds, is no less than stunning.

In waiting for The Zugspitze with high anticipation. 120 people per car.

The base in the background.

The Summit, Zugspitze Peak

The look in the eyes on the way up is all we need.


Translated sign in the backside of the mountain.

“it is forbidden to step onto the roof surface, caution, danger to life“

Yes, one would assume so 😀

The ride down In 18 seconds.

Safe return to base 👍🏻👍🏻

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