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Forest Foote

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

81st Chemical Mortar Battalion

(LaVerne and Dave next to the plaque).

Private Forest Foote, of Orlando Florida, landed on Omaha Beach June 6, in the middle of attack day, just prior to noon. His initial team’s role on the day was to land and successfully bring the military Jeeps to shore for the Mortar Battalion.

Dave and LaVerne Hodges and daughter (Amy) are in our 8 person tour group. Forest was LaVerne’s father, and Amy’s grandfather.

Thomas, our guide, sought out information and was able to find this plaque that commemorates the Battalion posted on the church wall at Vierville Sur Mer.

(Vierville Sur Mer Church)

Chilling, and rewarding, to all of us in the group. It was joyful to see this family view and photo the plaque that commemorates the actions of LaVerne’s father.

Forest made it home. Many Battalion members did not. Forest passed in 2004, but was able to come back for the 50th Anniversary celebration with other Battalion survivors.

The family shared that Forest would rarely talk about the war. It’s hard to imagine what these soldiers experienced that day.

We celebrate the heroes.......thank you Private Forest Foote. You are remembered.

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