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Goodbye Bavaria, and Thank You

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Modern day Germany as we know it wasn’t established until 1871, under the unification leadership of Otto Van Bismarck.

Bavaria, the largest of 16 German states, covers 1/5 of the German land.

And, Bavaria doesn’t disappoint.

Bavaria is the Germany we as Americans most often recognize from movies, food, clothing (lederhosen), castles, trees, ‘biergartens’ and beautiful villages.

Bavaria was all of that during our visit, but more.

We were fortunate in our visit to experience the people. We lived in a neighborhood as we visited Ray IV. We experienced Germany as German families do. We were appreciative of the kindness of neighbors, passerby’s and community members that helped us as needed. They were all great.

Herbert, Katharina and Doug (from the Holly clan) are an example of the kindness we experienced in Bavaria.

Herbert and Katharina (whose ancestor Jakob Holly was friends with Shelly’s Great, Great, Great Grandfather Nikolas)

It was a beautiful experience to be welcomed into their home, to have a breakfast and to learn more about them and the Holly family. We had a terrific Friday learning more about our ancestors and how they were connected. A highlight of our time.

What started as a request by us for assistance blossomed into a young, good friendship of families.

However, we have an impression the general German citizen is similar. We believe that as it is what we experienced.

We especially loved catching up with Ray IV. It was rewarding to be able to spend time with Ray, visit his new ‘home’ and to have him show us around. We appreciate his commitment to the US Army.

The week was a ‘10’ for sure.

Thank you Ray IV.

Thank you Herbert, Katharina and Doug Holly. Thank you Bavaria for your kindness. Until we meet again!

Ray and Shelly Anderson (2021)

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