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Grocery and Food

A highlight of the week has been living in the community and experiencing the culture.

The ’food’ is always one of the most interesting to is to learn about. Trips to the grocery store are intriguing, as you eye many great new products that we don’t carry, with packaging and marketing schemes with names and designs that are creative.

You also get to meet the ‘locals’, who have all been very kind to us as visitors.

These are just a few of many items that caught our eye.

FLAVORS unique to the culture.

Sport Drink (much harder to find Gatorade).

Always excellent BREAD and PASTRY sections!

Beautiful huge OVENS cooking breads fresh!

Baughspeck, ‘BELLY BACON’

Excellent MEAT choices with a lot of varieties.

Combo Marketing with sauces adjacent to the meat sections. A lot of choices….

ABSEITS is ‘Offsides’, and AUBSTAUBER is one who hangs around for goals, much as we would term a ‘Cherry Picker’ in sport.

Good job M&M Mars on cultural marketing.

Recognize a favorite FLAVOR?

Burger King has a huge presence in the market. And they have ‘LONG CHiCKENS’ also!

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