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Our Normandy Journey Begins

Today we depart, with our smartphones. We can communicate with Each of you, anytime.

Contrast today to the 1940's, when during WWII soldiers packed their duffle for Europe with no more than a pencil and paper - to draft letters that may never make it home. Their faith was tested.

However, patriotism was at an all-time high and soldiers went forward with passion.

Image the emotions of loved ones as they sent their sons, brothers and neighbors off to the war.

Next May, upon graduation, Ray IV will depart to serve with the US Army. Ray has loved his ROTC experience and has 'contracted' (committed) to seek to 'commission‘ as a 2nd Lieutenant next May.

Our son/father journey this week to Normandy is one I will always cherish. Personally, this journey is an opportunity for me to share some final one on one time together. But I also believe it will be more. Much more.

Together we both will learn about the many soldiers that made a military commitment in WWII, who served our great country and secured victory in Europe. It is why we have what we do today.

WWII, D-Day, Operation Overlord, the heroes, and the stories we will learn about will impact us in many ways. We look forward to sharing our thoughts and emotions with you through this Blog. Thank you for subscribing. We hope to educate and entertain. We hope to seek and find some unique experiences.

A special shout out to four special friends: Aussie cousins Mike & Cathy Anderson, for their encouragement to family and friends to 'see the world'. The Anderson’s down under have been an inspiration to make this journey happen. Also, CU professor Andy Gustafson, who through taking a class to the Pearl River Delta, China, reinforced the world really is much smaller today.......and should be reached, experienced and better understood.

And as important, Dean Jacobs, a mentor to Ray IV and guide through Uganda, always encouraging us to ‘Dream Big, Live Tall, and to make the world a better place’.

First stop? Wainfleet, England and Toynton, England via London for a short 'grass roots' stopover. We look forward to visiting the heritage homeland of our Anderson ancestors on our way to Normandy. We will be stepping on hallowed ground of many Anderson baptisms, weddings, celebrations of life/funerals and graveyards active as far back as the 1500's..........stay tuned.

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May 31, 2019

We’ll be watching while we catch every fish in Florida!!


May 30, 2019

What an incredible experience for the two of you! I look forward to following your adventure. May God bless you!

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