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Raymond’s ‘Willy’

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Lookout Army!

Is the US Army ready for Raymond driving a government issue Jeep, often referred to as a ‘Willy’? Hang On!

Do you know how the Jeep got it’s name? And why an alternate name is ‘Willy’?

Read this briedf explanation:

All week we have had the objective of making friends. We learn so much more about cultures from the people in it.

Tonight in France we met fellow visitors and reality contributors Katrina and Thomas of the Czech Republic. Their 1944 issue JEEP ‘Willy’ was used on DDAY and following battles, but then left behind in Europe after victory was achieved.

Thank you Katrina and Thomas from the Czech Republic for the photo opportunity, but also for helping bring DDAY to life for us all in Normandy. We appreciate it. We will always remember this photo.

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