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Some Gave All

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

Normandy American National Cemetary

On June 6, 1944 over 156,000 soldiers stormed the Normandy beaches. More than 4,000 lost their lives the first day. Many additional soldiers lost their lives through the air, and over the following days of the operation.

(One of 10 major sections of the fallen, 9,380 remain at Normandy today).

(The view from the cemetery grounds overlooking Omaha Beach).

The American National Cemetary at Colleville sur Mer, adjacent to Omaha Beach, is truly breathtaking. Emotional. Impactful. Awe.

Although some of soldiers who gave their life were brought home, the majority remain at this 173 acre site. 9,380 soldiers remains and an additional memorial to the 1,557 missing.

(The Missing In Action memorial, closed in preparation of President Trump’s visit and DDAY ceremonies).

Our visit was impactful witnessing the hundreds of veterans on site. It was obvious this site serves as a bridge for families that experienced tragedy through the events of Operation Overlord. And for veterans that lost their friends and fellow soldiers.

(An assembly of veterans and families).

We remember the heroes. We have what we do because of them.

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