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Thank You GI’s!

They Remember

The events that occurred in this region in WWII are certainly not forgotten. We are impressed with the commitment the Normandy area makes to celebrate the week.

Every 5 years, DDAY is remembered to a higher level.

Shops and streets are decorated.

(Window decorations and flags/lights decorate the streets).

Throughout the region, there are a significant number of ‘actors’ In costume. In a positive way, it often brings you back visually to the era being celebrated, giving a better feel for the 1940’s. Many males dress as GI’s. Many ’civilians’ Dress the part also.

The United States armed forces, and various allies, have a large visible representation of armed forces personnel here for various events. The 82nd Airborne are here to complete parachute drops through the week.

Aray and Air Force

(82nd Airborne)

We are witnessing several military veterans from all countries.

(This veteran had emotional memories, standing from his chair with emotion).

Countless WWII era military vehicles.

We appreciated the following after and son from Tennessee coming to assist in the convoys and re-enactments.

Thank you Normandy for remembering!

Did you know?

There are a significant number of WWII vehicles in France that were simply left behind. It would have been too difficult and expensive to ship them back When the war was over.

Many of these vehicles are kept up by private owner and brought back for re-enactments, parades, etc.

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