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The Cathedral - Amazing

On June 6, there was a Royal DDAY celebration at the Bayeux Cathedral. See Prince Charles seated far left. After completion, over 300 British veterans marched with Prince Charles and other dignitaries to the Bayeux National Cemetery.

We visited the Cathedral the motioning prior on our walk. At that time, the security was already ramping up to a high level.

I have been fortunate to have seen various cathedrals throughout Europe, and this Bayeux structure ranks near the top.

It’s phenomenally huge, and paints the horizon of the town. A must see.

The mere fact fact it has a relationship with William the Conqueror, dating back to 1077, is amazing. Over 1,000 years ago the civilization started building this phenomenal church.

Out of religion resulted some of the most beautiful architectural designs from history that exist today.

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