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The Discovery at All Saints

Sue of North Thoresby and her husband, Geoff, came across the memorial headstone, and the tears flowed.

Every family develops the addict - the one that commits to discovering the family past. DNA testing, travel, Social Media posts, questions and answers. That's where Sue, our cousin Mike from Australia and I intersect.

We met Sue today in Toynton, England, in Northwest rural farmland. Sue reached out last month to our Australian cousin in search of her paternal Great, Great Great Grandfather Thomas. Our DNA testing shows a direct relation.

At our 2nd church visit, at Toynton All Saints, Thomas's headstone was found. And even better, this headstone from 1852 burial was in excellent condition, a rare situation. The stone sat just above the vegetation and was spared algae and weeds that usually attack and blemish the stones.

Thomas was buried close to the church. His headstone was bold and of high quality. These burial locations and conditions are sometimes reserved for those who made significant accomplishments.

There is a story behind Thomas we are now seeking, and it likely is a good story. Thomas probably had a positive impact on this rural farming community, it is believed he had some strong skills for changing how the marshy fields were drained to achieve better farm production. Possibly.

Never give up on history.........find your family.

Congratulations Sue on the discovery. It was nice to meet a true local Anderson cousin!

Geoff and Sue Hensman (and Thomas) Note: Sue was named on a tradition of Sue's, back to Susanna noted on the stone)

The find.

Toynton All Saints Church

Incredible architecture .

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