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The Final Chapter?

Nick and Gabe

Toynton Saint Peter Church is a time travel. For the Anderson Family, it is a chalkboard where family history was etched from 1650 - 1850.

Many Anderson generations were Christened, Married and Buried on the Saint Peter church grounds in the tiny village of Toynton. There were few families in this far Northwest England farming village. During this era it would also have been a place you were challenged to leave without the invention of rail, vehicles or any public transport.

By no means a simple life.

Saint Peter Church, she's absolutely glorious. Built up by the Norman's in 1100, she has survived time. Her architecture is stunning. While many generations have passed through, she is the only one that remains to oversee the scatter of burial plots outside.

We walk the church yard and can connect better with our heritage. We find answers for some questions, but many answers we will never know.

We know they were generations Ag Labourers by the census taken (field workers or farmers) and we see their dates on earth. But not a lot more. We are told they were hard working, but also tired. They didn't have much.

What was their height? Hobbies? Strengths? Character? Favorite Dishes? What were their hopes and dreams? Do you wonder about your family's ancestors?

Today we found more answers, but will still long for more.

Chasing genealogy is much akin to reading a good mystery novel, or binge watching a good series. You long for the next chapter.

In the end, you appreciate your ancestors - as for without them we would not be here to author their story.

Unfortunately, since our last visit in 2019 Toynton Saint Peter church is now officially 'closed'. The door will now remain locked and the remaining 8 members have consolidated to a nearby church. We are thankful we had special permission to tour. Nature is taking over with dust, webs and overgrowth. But, the awe still remains.

Is this her Final Chapter? Toynton Saint Peter will continue to stand watch over our relatives remains and history, but she just may not be as crisp, clean and glorious.

She will however still survive longer than us for future Anderson generations to see.

I am thankful that Nick, Gabe and Shelly, as well as friend Devyn were able to experience this visit. Sometimes, it's just great to know your family's past.

We appreciate the past. We thank our ancestors.

The Anderson home village for over 200 years. We're back 😁


Where our ancestors stated their marriage vows.

Ancestor Christening site.

From the Burial archives, William Anderson. 1731 - 1814

From the Burial archives, Mildred (Butler) Anderson.

The Reverend that pastored some of the generations, including William.

She is a glorious building, and will continue to watch over us.

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