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The Royal Preparations

British Commonwealth National Cemetery - Bayeux War Cemetery and Memorial

It was an excellent morning. A nice surprise, it pays to be an early riser.

On my walk I ventured to 2 last stops on the list for Bayeux, including the British National Cemetery.

A lot of preparation was going on at this site in preparation for the Royal Family visit. The Family stops here to commemorate DDAY.

The British Allied Forces played an equally important in the DDAY operations, including starting the operation at 12:16 AM by landing 4 manned gliders behind enemy lines to secure Pegasus Bridge.

Simultaneously at 12:16 AM, the American Allies were dropping men to the Western areas behind Utah and Omaha beaches.

Over 4,100 British soldiers are buried here at this cemetery. Plus an additional 500 from other countries. The Missing In Action wall commemorates over 1,800 young men.

It was emotional, yet impressive to see this site. I appreciated the detail of each soldiers tombstones displaying the Royal regiment they were a member of.

It’s moving to see so many young ages, many barely 18, plot after plot, row after row. These British soldiers were true heroes.

We celebrate the heroes!

The British National Cemetary is where the Royal family, likely Prince Harry, is planned to complete a Memorial Service Speech Thursday from this podium.

Look for this background on media this week.

They allowed grounds entry due to our English heritage. Their version of Secret Service said, “Oh yes, Anderson’s, farmers from north in Lincolnshire‘, and we were in. 😀

(My new acquaintances of the Royal Army were extremely professional, polite and helpful. Thank you again).

(The following is the British Memorial to over 1,800 Missing In Action, engraved by name).

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