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The WOOLPACK @ Wainfleet

We say goodbye to Wainfleet, Lincolnshire, in NW England in route to Normandy, France.

We say goodbye to the last home village of our Anderson relatives from the late 1700's to 1851. In 1851 some of the last Anderson brothers, following brother William' decision that left prior for Australia, made a decision to migrate to America.

Wainfleet St. Mary's church yard holds the last of our Anderson's direct paternal line. His sons lived on Haven Bank, on the river edge, on the South side of town adjacent to site now of Bateman's Brewery. It was as if our tour of the brewery was on former homeland.

We say goodbye to a town that our last direct English ancestors were either born, baptized, married or buried in. For others it was their last village home prior to leaving for America.

The Town Square is where they would have bartered for and sold necessary goods, including milk and eggs. The indentions in the cement seating around the weather vane shows the many years of wear from residents sitting, likely our ancestors. It was rewarding to see Nick, Gabe and Devyn in the same seats. I hope someday they can return with their families and pass on the knowledge we have gained.

And The Woolpack Inn. Mike and Lynda, and daughter Shantel, were so kind. When you are in this beautiful plush farmland, make it a stay. Down home English courteousness, with a mix of Irish ☘️ fun as well.

Thank you Wainfleet, John Seymour from Wainfleet Saint Mary's and The Woolpack Inn.

The Andersons

Devyn, Gabe and Nick sitting where ancestors would have sold milk, eggs or other. Wainfleet Town Square.

2.1 Mile walk to Saint Mary's rural church. Memories.

Wainfleet Saint Mary's - Founded 1100's

Christening site of our ancestor James, who later came to the US.

Cemetery view from the roof of the bell tower.

Entry to the Bell Tower. Built by the Norman's 1100 AD.

The Norman stairwell, small, still survives today.

Bell Tower roof. A glimpse of the farmland worked.

The pastures our ancestors worked as Ag Labourers.

The Woolpack Inn

Shantel and Lynda, proprietors of The Woolpack - great service! ☘️☘️

Best Fish & Chips ever.

End of Tour taste test at Bateman's Brewery, on the site of our relatives former homes @ Haven Bank. We have a Bateman in the Family Tree.

Goodbye Wainfleet, until next time.

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