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U.S. Veteran

(Re-posted from Tuesday)

As we were on site of the Medal of Honor Cole’s Bayonet Charge at Carentan, a convoy of vehicles arrived escorting former SSGT Tom Rice.

This was highly emotional for our entire group.

Army Veteran Rice participated in D-DAY, the battle at Hell’s Corner (which was on the supply line to Carentan) and in later battles including Bastogne.

Of the 16,000,000 WWII veterans, there are just under 500,000 still alive today. Only 3%. Approximately 347 Veterans pass away daily.

This was an honor today. We realize this will be the last great celebration of D-DAY with this significant a number of Veterans attending.

Thank you Thomas Rice for taking time to meet us (randomly) and talk with us today, unplanned.

(Members of both the 101st Airborne and 82nd Airborne units assemble to honor Veteran Rice. Very moving to all, especially these active soldiers).

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